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Daily Living Support (DLS)
Daily Living Supports requires meeting the daily support needs of the members living in the home. It includes hands-on assistance, supervision, or prompting so that the member performs the task, such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, personal hygiene, light housework, money management, community safety, recreation, social, health, or medication management. 

Our Daily Living Supports also includes assistance with cognitive tasks and services to prevent a member from harming themselves or others. 
Other services included with Daily Living Support are the following:
  • 24-hour supervision and availability to meet unpredictable needs 
  • Assisting the member in obtaining services and supplies 
  • Coordinating overall safety and supports in the home. 
  • Ongoing support when the member is visiting family and friends
  • Transportation to health care appointments, work, and recreational activities
For further information and to see if you qualify, please call 405-293-2607.
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