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Pet Therapy and Pet Rehoming
Pet Therapy Program
Pet therapy (also known as Animal Assisted Therapy) consists of guided interaction between a person and a trained animal. It also involves the animal’s handler. Pet therapy is known to be helpful to individuals recovering from or coping with a health problem or mental disorder. This type of therapy can help alleviate many physical and mental issues. Benefits include reduced blood pressure and improved overall cardiovascular health, pain reduction, reduced stress, and improvement in the patient’s overall psychological state. Pet Therapy is a good fit for elderly patients, those dealing with chronic conditions, and those with mental health disorders.
Program Features​​
  • Therapy animals and handlers that are certified and registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD)
  • Ability to make visits across the DFW area
  • Both individual and group sessions
  • Individual (patients in their homes) and group (facility-based) settings
Pet Rehoming Program
Should our patients no longer be able to care for their pets, Ultimate’s trained, certified, and registered animal therapists are available to temporarily rehome your pet until Ultimate can find the pet a new permanent home.
Program Features:
Step 1: Patient indicates the need for help with pet
Step 2: Ultimate temporarily rehomes the pet with a pet therapy specialist
Step 3: Ultimate finds a new permanent home for the pet. New homes are thoroughly vetted
Step 4: The pet lives happily ever after with its new family
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